General Sales Manager

Location: Cartersville, Georgia

Job Description:

Effectively manage both new and pre-owned departments. Making sure that all cars have pictures on the website at all times. Ensuring that cars on the front line are problem free and ready for sale, new cars are accessorized and that there are no new cars over 120 days old and no pre-owned cars over 75 days old. Maintain processes and procedures that maximize gross profit on the front and back of every deal. Obtain SSI of Zone or above and make sure our Honda number is exceeded every month. Effectively manage the Finance Department to ensure we exceed all product goals. Manage the sales personnel by leadership, knowledge and training. Protect the customer's personal information and the dealership's reputation. Must obtain 2018 Presidents award.

Job Requirements:

Must have good organizational and time management skills. Must be available to work between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm, Monday through Saturday.